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Hair Problems

Women in India are imagined and admired for having thick long black hair, especially in the north and south India, it is common for females to have long black thick, and abundant hair on their heads. It is one of the selection criteria for marriage for a bride for their son.

Modern lifestyle, pollution, and unhealthy diet have affected the quality of hair and developed various hair problems hairs can be dull, frizzy, oily, and greasy, and may have split ends with base skin having dandruff resulting in scanty hair and hair fall.

Tibb-e-Unani in Unani is for hair fall and is categorized into primary and secondary hair problems. Hair loss due to hereditary is the primary cause whereas scalp affected due to fungal infections such as Tineacrusis is a secondary cause of hair loss and baldness.

Dandruff is a condition of the skin that is non-inflammatory, harmless that affects the scalp that produces white flakes. During winters hot water and dry weather soak up natural oil from the scalp resulting dry scalp, scalp glands secrete excess sebum that accumulates on the scalp along with dust and forms wet flakes.



Dandruff – You will find white flakes that are dead skin cells very visible falling on the shoulders and clothing from the hair.

Itching scalp – You may experience regular itching and hairline or sideburn.

Dry scalp – Dry scalp due to the absence of oil results in the creation of dead skin cells called dandruff.

Greasy Hair/Scalp – excessive sebum due to greasy hair and scalp

Redness on the scalp – irritation and itchiness turn your scalp red.

Causes/reason for hair problems

Imbalance of Doshas – In Ayurveda – there are three categories our body is composed of – Vata, Pitta and Kapha – known as doshas. An imbalance of these doshas causes the creation of dandruff. Excessive Vata and Pitta dosha form natural oils in the scalp and excess Kapha will create sebum.

Irregular Hair wash – dirt and oil in the scalp due to a polluted environment should be regularly cleaned with a regular hair wash routine. When we avoid hair washing at least once in a week it results in dandruff causing hair damage.

Seborrheic Dermatitis – A skin condition that generate yeast known as Malassezia causes itching, greasy scalp and redness resulting in oily dandruff.

Stress – Everyone living in a stressful environment increases Pitta dosha which triggers sebum and causes oily dandruff.

Sensitive Skin – The use of harmful chemicals such as hair conditioners and shampoos could result in a negative impact if you have sensitive skin thereby creating dandruff.

Greying of Hair – The hair colour is due to the presence of pigment granules (Sauda in Tibb-e-Unani). With an increase in age, these pigments get diluted resulting in greying of hair. There are certain hereditary reasons, use of chemicals in shampoo, hair wash liquids and stress that also cause premature greying of hair at an early age.

External applications such as Natural Dye or hair conditioners can be used to hide greying of hair. Ingredients of the preparation are 1 teacup of Henna, 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds, and methi seeds to be mixed in water to prepare a paste, cumin seeds and methi seeds are roasted till they are turned brown in colour and soaked in water overnight. This paste of henna, cumin and methi seeds soaked in water is applied on the scalp for excellent results.

Use of dry powder of drumstick leaves in 1 tablespoon of curry leaves, hibiscus flower petals in 250 ml of coconut oil and almond oil makes another preparation to cover greying of hair for a longer duration.

Hair loss – There is a process of losing about 100 hairs per day that get replaced by new hair growth. If growth is not adequate there is a chance of baldness known as ‘Alopecia’ in medical terms. Unani treatment focuses on baldness by improving hair growth using various oils such as Roghaniyath that can be applied on the scalp.