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Sexual problems & the Unani treatment

Sexual disorders and their categories

Humans have shown significant progress in different areas like technology, medicine, housing, amenities, and automation, due to their ability to explore new things and think about the solution. The ability to think makes humans superior to animals, however, the need to eat, sleep, think, communicate, and procreate is all we need as humans, similar to that of animals. There is a natural desire or craving for sex in humans, irrespective of their gender. 

There are four categories of disorders that the human body may encounter related to its sexual health.

  • Desire disorders – there are many reasons such as fear of performance failure, fatigue, depression, inhibitions and anxiety hormonal changes due to conceived thoughts of hurt, medical conditions like heart disease, asthma, diabetes, relationship problems, low libido due to low level of estrogen and testosterone that results in absence of sexual drive or desire.
  • Arousal disorders – these are physical inabilities to get arousal or excitement during sexual activity or intimacy, common in both males and females. Erectile dysfunction in men and low libido are some of the arousal disorders from which women suffer.
  • Orgasm disorders – the delayed or absence of orgasm common in women also observed in men due to fatique, depression, stress and hormonal disorders results in absence of interest in sexual activities.
  • Pain disorders – there is pain during sexual intercourse in women due to vaginal dryness or urinary tract infections, while in men, physical damage to penis, yeast formation, growth of a prostate gland, skin infections, or AIDS are common causes of pain disorders during sex.

In this competitive work environment where every individual should his/her potential to get results in his favor keep in stressed, depressed and less inclined toward thoughts of intimacy with a love partner causing an impact on their sexual life and adverse effect on their married life. There has been very effective resolution to sexual problems while treating with Unani medicines.

Unani treatment for sexual disorders

Unani treatment focuses on improving body’s own healing process rather than suppressing natural biorythm commonly found in allopathic medications. The treatment on sexual problem in Unani is carried out by analyzing individual’s temperament, level of stress, hormonal changes and emotional health. There are various therapies such as healing techniques, dealing with stress by way of managing emotional fluctuations and restoring normalcy in one’s life. There are combinations of herbal medications, counseling and diet corrections along with some exercises in unani treatment that would reduce sedentary lifestyle changing into active energetic daily routine. 

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