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The Skin protects our body and internal organs from harmful microbes, bacteria, and dust as well as regulates our body temperature from outside hot or cold temperature. Human Skin is one of the largest sense organs in the form of touch compared to taste, smell, sound, and sight. Touch not only identifies objects around us, gives a sense of recognition and a means of communication.  Outer layer of skin is Epidermis helps keep our body hydrated protects our body from harmful pathogens and dust and is responsible for the colour of a skin followed by middle layer Dermis and third layer Hypodermis consists of hair follicles, oil and sweat glands, connective tissues and nerve endings.

Male are attracted to their female counterparts with wheatish complexion. It is the amount of melanin present, exposure to UVB rays sun radiates in particular geological continent and one of the skin tone inherited from the parents determine one’s skin colour. Epidermis generates new cells daily and replaces 40000 old skin cells across the body giving new skin every month.  Dermis, a middle layer of skin contains various proteins like Collagen building strong skin cells and elastin making skin flexible.

This is the place where roots of hair follicle grow. Oil and sweat glands are present here, nerves that identify objects that are itchy, soft or too hot to touch are found here. The nutrients are supplied to epidermis making skin healthy through blood vessels spread across in this middle layer. Inner most skin layer is hypodermis that has fats that protects muscles and bones from injuries in case you fall, regulate body temperature during cold winter and hot summer. It has tissues connecting muscles and bones to layers of skin.

Our skin is so complex that one inch of our skin contains 20 blood vessels, 1000 nerve endings, 19 million skin cells and 60,000 melanocytes that make skin pigments responsible for colour of our skin.It is unfortunate that we have always ignored taking care of our skin and considered any disease as punishment from nature. It is our responsibility to protect our skin by keeping it hydrated with daily water intake, applying moisturizer during dry weather, refraining from smoking and spicy food.

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Skin AilmentSymptomsAffected Area
EczemaSkin turns dry, red, scaly or shows bumps or inflammation feet, ankles, wrists, elbows, hands, neck and/or face
Cold SoresSoreness, blister, rashes, ulcers or redness on skin and muscle aches.Lips, throat, neck, gums, itches across mouth, nose and cheeks
Dry SkinDehydration, cracks in skin, itch, wrinkled feet, peeling skinLegs, arms, hands or any part of body can show dry patch of skin
PsoriasisScaly patches or itchy feel on knees, elbows that extends for weeks or months.Elbows, trunk, scalp and knees
VitiligoPremature hair whitening, skin loose its colour in patches. Mouth, fingers, wrists, armpits, groin, genitals
DermatitisRed rash over skin, dandruff, itch, sores lasts for monthsHands, neck, elbows, knees, ankles, feet, face or ears
RosaceaDry, oily, rashes over skin, swollen blood vessels gets visible, dry or puffy eyesFace, neck, chest, eyes, anywhere on skin across body
MelasmaSkin becomes dark over cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.Nose, chin, cheeks and forehead
WartsFleshy painless growth over feet, hands and genitalsHands, feet, face, knees and/or genitals
Actinic KeratosisScaly patch, itching on skin or lesion on forearms, face, neck and handsForearms, scalp in hair, neck, face, lips, ears, back of hands

Checking pulse, urine and stool examination are three steps for diagnosis of disease in Unanior Yunani treatment practiced in Muslim culture of treating disease from South and Central Asia.Unani way of treating disease are divided into main four therapies.

  1. ILAJ BilTadbir treats the disease by exercising discipline by way of venesection, cupping, exercise, steam bath, leeching and Diathermy.
  2. ILAJ BilGhiza follows specific diets for patients to follow to recover from disease.
  3. ILAJ BilDawa uses herbs, animal or mineral origin in formulation of medicines for treating disease.
  4. ILAJ BilYad takes help of surgery to eliminate and remove cause of a disease from the body.


Unani treatment has proved very effective over various ailments related to skin, amnesia, vomiting, asthma, allergy, cough, diabetes, heart disease, polio, paralysis, joint pain, constipation, eye problems, women and children health problems, and all types of cancer.